Wednesday, 6 April 2011

No longer an empty shell

The water is going in today, as I write they're drilling a huge hole in the wall and getting covered in brick dust. The installation engineers have managed to move all the brewery tanks, cask washer, grist case etc into the brewhouse and it's now jam-packed with brewery and installation kit. Much better.

They're going to start piping between the tanks today, we looked at where they're all going so it's starting to come together now. The beer cold store and my office are finished, and the electricians are putting all the lighting and fittings in as we go. Hopefully I'll get a phone number today too which will be good - haven't got a phone yet though.

So it's all coming together and getting close to brewing. Nothing too disastrous has happened yet (touch wood!!) but I am pretty sure it will do soon as it's been far too plain sailing. Eeek!

(Left) This is the uber forklift truck we had to use to get the copper in the door and stood upright! It's a monster, and I owe the farms chaps some beer to say thank you because they went out of their way to spend several hours helping on Monday and Tuesday.

Right then, best I find a chiller unit...

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