Thursday, 10 November 2011

6 months in

Welbeck Brewery has been going strong for almost 6 months now. We supply around 70 pubs between Sheffield, Lincoln, and Nottingham, and that number is increasing week to week.

I've finally settled on a core range of 3 beers so make sure you keep an eye out for them and let me know what you think.

Henrietta 3.6% Golden Bitter

Low in strength but absolutely crammed full of wonderful hop character. There's a good bitter note from Challenger hops which balances the citrus and grassy nose from Willamette and Hallertaur Brewers Gold.

Ernest George 4.2% Deep Ruby ale

This deep ruby ale is packed full of a careful blend of dark malts for a whole drinking experience. A dark spiced fruit nose is balanced with an initial smooth chocolate flavour which develops into a warming rich roasted coffee note.

Portland Black 4.5% Black beer

A rich and smooth black beer - all the flavour of a porter without the weight. This beer is all about the dark malts, giving a very smooth drink with smoke, liquorice and burnt toffee flavours and a distinctly vanilla nose.

Each month I’m brewing a special – something a little more adventurous, or topical. Last month I brewed ‘Spyke’s Gold’ with Nottingham CAMRA. I’ll be putting a piece up about that with their article and photos so you can have a read.

This month’s special brew is ‘Cavendish’ a 5.0% Blonde ale. I’ve really showcased Cascade hops in this beer, using only Maris Otter malt and making it a higher ABV to balance the strong hop character. It’s a well rounded beer which I’m quite chuffed with really! It'll probably make a reappearance next Summer so don't panic if you've missed it.


  1. A splendid selection! I've recently heard that you will be providing the beer for the 'No Direction Home' music festival at the Abbey in June. Any news on whether a special beer will be produced, or can we expect this fine selection on sale?

  2. Hello! We'll be providing the beer including our regular range and will be brewing a lovely refreshing pale ale around 4.0%ABV