Sunday, 10 July 2011


Our fourth beer to be brewed is Henrietta - named after one of the Portland family. Henrietta is a 3.6%ABV light golden ale. She's low in strength but absolutely crammed full of wonderful hop character. There's a good bitter note from Challenger hops which balances the citrus and grassy nose from Willamette and Hallertaur Brewers Gold.

After perhaps a little recipe tweak, something like this may become one of our core beers. If you've tried it, let me know what you think please.


  1. Tried this one at the Lytham Beer Festival. For a low strength beer it is tasty and quite complex and I would happily drink it all night. It compares favourably to other golden ales like Thwaites Wainwight which sells by the bucketload. It would make a good core beer, though I'm not sure about the name.

  2. Lovely to meet you Claire at SU Alumni.
    Thanks for most illuminating talk and stimulating refreshment.

    I think the light golden ales are the way forward, why can't you produce such with UK hops? Or did I misunderstand necessity of NZ and N American hops?

  3. Tried this at the Dead Poets Inn in Holbrook. Excellent bright hoppy bitter. I prefer lower strength beers and this is one of the best I have tried.

  4. Tried a bottle of this at Langar Hall last night. Was delighted to find that this small hotel was selling high quality beer. Henrietta did not disappoint - refreshing, tasty and satisfying.

  5. No exaggeration, this is in my top 3 favourite lighter ales along with Deuchars IPA and Coniston Bluebird. It's light and hoppy and refreshing, perfect for a warm summer evening. Not tried the bottled version but on draught it's a treat.